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On this page there's a list of name that I think are bad baby names. But please remember that you may not think they are bad. This is my opinion.

I found some of the following names while searching the internet. Some of these names have a slang meaning attached so I feel it's wise to stay away from them. Remember this is my opinion. You may love these names!

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Boy's Bad Names

Slang meaning: masculine; used by gays

No slang meaning
Pronounced KAH-lin is okay., but KOH-lin is the intestines.

Slang meaning: gay

Dick, John, John Thomas, Johnson, Peter, Rod, Willy, Woody
Slang meaning: penis

Slang meaning: overly sexually excited

Slang meaning: vomit

Girl's Bad Baby Names

Slang meaning: Virginity
Refers to losing her virginity.

Slang Meaning: buttocks (polite form). In UK can refer to vagina.

Mary Jane
A name for marijuana

Slang meaning: Someone who takes the blame for a dishonest crime

Prissy, Priss
Slang meaning: No tolerance for getting dirty
Prissy Presley

Slang meaning: Overly sexually excited

Slang meaning: feminine gay man
Most kids today wouldn't know the slang.

I hope you enjoyed these names. Add can add yours below!

Do you know some BAD baby names?

Tell us about the worst names you've ever come across!

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Worst Baby Names 
Personally, I don't mind babies being named after some fruit (yes, even Apple -- definitely not Banana), and places (Dakota -- not Timbuktu). I get …

poor kid Not rated yet
there was a kid in my son's health class named Phatious Crumb, and he wasn't skinny. I just felt sorry for him.

at a hardware store Not rated yet
Heard a woman tell a friend that her daughter named her baby girl Concretia. She and her baby's father were walking in a hardware store and she saw that …

yuck Not rated yet
when i found out that my aunt was having a baby, i was curious and asked what the name was. as it turns out, she named her baby girl Pipaya Evans! Yikes! …

Horrible Baby Names!  Not rated yet
I hate: •Caitlin spelled Kheightlynne (or any other horrible spellings!) •Nevaeh (blech! Just name her Heaven!) •Twins with match-y names (Eric …

Tara-nee Not rated yet
Tara-nee. Sound nice until you realize this is how everyone outside the US pronounces 'tyranny.'

My own! Not rated yet
My real name is Anneke. Look at that now. Unless you are related to a person with that name (or, gosh help you, have it yourself) you probably will have …

Terrible Chavvy Mother! Not rated yet
I was reading a story in a magazine about a woman who claims benefits off the government. No word of a lie she called her kids: Joop, DKNY and Tavian. …

La -(Dash) a Not rated yet
A friend of mine delivered a baby and said the parents wanted to name the baby LaDasha. Instead of spelling it as it sounds they spelled it La-a. Pronounces …

The baby name enos. Not rated yet
In the small town where I live there is a fairly LARGE family and in every generation their is a baby boy named Enos J. after their GREAT, GREAT, GREAT …

Maralee Not rated yet
This is the worst name ever! People can't be bothered to remember it or spell it, and if they do, they remember it by singing "Merrily We Roll Along" out …

I'm trying to find the meaning of my name if you can help Not rated yet
I'm a white woman born in the south but now live in NYC. I've always been ashamed of my name because of the discrimination that has always come with it. …

Good List of them Not rated yet
my girlfriend and I have always had this game of calling each other the most random name we could think of. Here's a small list of good ones: Mervis, Roadante, …

Little Zerita Inez Not rated yet
While pregnant with her second child, my friend grew increasingly tired of pushy baby name suggestions from her family, so she found a neat way to shut …

Edilyn Not rated yet
The worst baby names: Edilyn (Evelyn with a D) Gracesson (pronounced grace's son) Englebert Humperdink And worst twin names: Alex and Sander. Their …

Harold Bocephus Not rated yet
The traditional name in my family for 5 generations back (I would have been the 6th!) is the first name of Harold, with whatever middle name is chosen …

Zuma Rasta Rosdale Not rated yet
Gwen Stefani's new son. BLECH!!! There should be a law against these kind of names.

Moonunit Not rated yet
I have a friend who named her daughter Moonunit and her son Rocketship. These are both cruel names!! Name your kids something normal please!!!

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