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Hello and welcome! Do you love baby names? I have a passion for names! I like to know what they mean and where they originate. I like to hear how each name sounds. They're so important because ... well, everyone has one! So I hope to share the excitement with you!

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What names will you choose for your baby? After all, you can't call your child "beanoo" or "pickle" their whole life. Most people know what their names mean. It's part of their personal identity. That's why choosing appropriate baby names is a huge responsibility for parents! A name is the very first present that you give your baby. It's a present that your child will keep and hear everyday for the rest of their lives! I know you want the best for your sweet, wonderful child. But it'll take some time to narrow your choices down.

Here are  a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want the name to reflect your family traditions?
  • Will the first name suit your baby? We adopted our babies and when we went to pick each one up, we went armed with our favourite names. We then tried to match a name to what that baby looked like. Does he look like a Daniel or a Gene? Does she look like a Glennys or a Katelyn?
  • Do you want to check out names that celebrities have used?
  • What about the top ten names in your country? Check them out.
  • There are also lists for Uncommon, Odd, Cool, and Unique baby names.
  • And how about special new names you make up, that mean something to you?

If you have made up a name for a child, or you can't find your name in our database, please send it to me through the handy Names Form below. I want to start a "Unique Baby Names" list where everyone can enjoy them!

And then, if  you want to search even further, check out our baby names database. There are over 40,000 names to search through on this site. I know that just looking through a list of this size is daunting.  That's why you're able to search by meaning on my site. As an example, I typed my middle name of "rose" into the search box and got a long list of names that mean rose, from origins all over the world. That was exciting! You can also search by gender and origin.


And don't forget to send me your unique baby names!

So go have fun! I hope you'll find many perfect baby names here. It's all free! All I want to do is share with you the information you need. If can also help you if you contact me.

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