Harold Bocephus

by Megan S.
(Houston, TX)

The traditional name in my family for 5 generations back (I would have been the 6th!) is the first name of Harold, with whatever middle name is chosen by the mother. All of them went by their respective middle names, due to the fact that no one liked the name Harold. And yet, they continued to pass it on. So it began with:

Harold Alexander.....Alex
Harold Phillip.......Phil
Harold Bedford.......Buzz
Harold Thomas........Tom
Harold Darin.........Darin

And then came me. Luckily, I was born a girl, and did not have to endure of lifetime of the "curse of Harold," lol. But, had I been a boy, my parents were going to name me Harold Bocephus...."Hank" for short. They thought they were geniuses because Hank is short for Harold, and no other "Harold" before had thought of that, and of course, Bocephus is the infamous Hank WIlliams Jr.

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