Worst Baby Names

by Glennys

Personally, I don't mind babies being named after some fruit (yes, even Apple -- definitely not Banana), and places (Dakota -- not Timbuktu).

I get a bit uptight about spelling baby names with too many unnecessary letters (Bryyce or Ccameron).

I really dislike apostrophes in names (K't'l'n). A lot people spell my name Glennys (rhymes with Dennis) with an apostrophe before the "s" -- like this -- Glenny's. So it could just be a pet peeve of mine.

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Strange names make me cringe
by: Anonymous

I personally respect when people give their kids names that reflect their heritage (i.e. if they're Swedish and name their girl Liv, a Swedish female name) but think that people have gone off their rockers. Naming people names that were never proper names, such as Destiny, or slapping words together and coming up with Everdawn, really makes me cringe. Even place names sound strange, although Dakota is a bit better than Vladivostok. It's almost as if people are trying to be faddish by bucking the trend.

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